picture of Hot Grabba leaf and red rose grabba

Hot Red Herring Grabba

 RED HERRING GRABBA, also called Hot Grabba, is a dark leaf with a pungent, high, smokey smell. This very distinctive smell is that of smoked fish. There is no mistaking the fishy smell when exposed to the Red Herring Grabba leaf. It is one of the darkest, strongest leaves available and is sought by those who like a strong Dark Fire Cured leaf. Moreover, the fire-cured process is one of the reasons why it is called HOT GRABBA LEAF.

This method is commonly used for specific types of cigars and pipe tobacco. Firstly, tobacco that has been subjected to fire-curing is typically hung in large barns where it is exposed to continuous or intermittent low-smouldering fires fueled by hardwoods. Additionally, the duration of the curing process can range anywhere from a few days up to ten weeks, depending on the specific method and type of tobacco being cured. Consequently, as a result of the fire-curing process, the tobacco develops a low sugar content and high nicotine concentration. Finally, if you want to learn more about fire curing, read more on fire curing here.

Hot Grabba Leaf Features:

  • Red Herring Natural Cigar
  • Natural Fire-Cured Leaf
  • Extremely Dark Thick Leaf
  • Strong Smoked Scent
  • Hot and Spicy Flavor
  • Users that prefer a spicy kick prefer this

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