picture of Hot Grabba leaf and red rose grabba

Red Rose Grabba

RED ROSE GRABBA is a dark, thick tobacco leaf that is good for both rolling and blending.  It is an air-cured tobacco leaf and carries a strong potent smell. This Grabba cigar has one of the darkest and thickest leaves and is often crushed and blended. As the leaf ages the color and smell and will darken & get stronger. Air-cured is low in sugar content and provides a sweet flavor.  Read more on the curing of tobacco here. Red Rose Grabba leaf is popular with heavy Grabba users and is a good profit margin for Canadaian Wholesalers, Distributors, and Retailers,. 


  • Red Rose Natural Cigar
  • Natural Air Cured Leaf
  • Dark Thick Wrapper
  • Mild sweet aromatic scent
  • Mild Coffee/Chocolate Aroma Scent
  • Smooth, rich, chocolatey flavor profile
  • Users that prefer a smooth smoke prefer this type of cigar

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